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Sample room of international talent apartment opens

Updated: 2021-05-18

Recently, the management of international talent apartments of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) held its first open day activity. 

A number of high-tech talents and their families from the BDA visited the apartments, viewing their sample rooms, reception halls and other spaces. 

The international talent apartments are mainly for talents who comply with certain conditions set by the BDA. 

It started rental allocations in early 2021. There are a total of 50 talents in the first group, of whom nine are outstanding talents and 41 are leading talents.

The talent reception room in the international talent apartments includes a book bar, coffee bar, somatosensory interactive area, a 5G meeting room and other facilities.

The outdoor public area is well equipped with leisure facilities such as lounge chairs, parasols, and coffee tables. Rooms and equipment mentioned above are open to residents living in the apartment free of charge, and can be used by appointment. 

According to a person in charge of the project, "The apartments are equipped with a professional operation service team, which provides high-quality 24-hour butler-style services to occupants as well as professional management."

The Yichengjingyuan Community was originally a public rental housing community for talents in the BDA. 

According to the work requirements of "Building a highland for scientific and technological innovation talents in the BDA and creating a work and living environment like overseas", Beijing Yizhuang International Talent Development Group took the lead in guiding its subsidiary company Boda Xinyuan to upgrade and transform the community's No. 10 building into an international talent apartment.

The apartments are two-bedroom and one-bedroom. 

In the sample room, high-end customized furniture and smart home systems are all available. Residents could simply move in without making further adjustments. 

To better meet the needs of high-level talent residents and create an environment like overseas, Boda Xinyuan hires a professional butler team to be responsible for daily operation and management services, and regularly organizes social activities. 

In the future, the international talent community will be an integration and blending of industrial parks, smart urban areas, leisure business districts, art districts and residential communities. 

The collection of multiple elements will attract more global talents to the BDA.