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First domestic vehicle-mounted, in-hospital CT created in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2022-04-01


The creation of the first domestically produced Revolution Maxima M CT is inseparable from the years of technical research and development of GE Healthcare. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

GE Healthcare System's domestically produced Revolution Maxima M CT was recently approved by the National Medical Products Administration, becoming the industry's first CT device that can be used in both vehicle-mounted mobile applications and in-hospital imaging examinations.

For traditional in-hospital imaging examinations, the device can be applied to imaging departments in tertiary, county and grassroots hospitals.

For mobile applications, the device will work with mobile vehicle partners to create an overall mobile CT solution. 

In addition, the device can also be loaded in epidemic prevention and treatment vehicles and mobile CT vehicles in independent fever clinics to complete CT image scanning on the front line of epidemic prevention. 

The equipment can also be used for community physical examinations, occupational disease screening, and free clinics in rural areas.

To learn the requirements for using CT imaging in mobile vehicles, GE Healthcare carried out special research. 

For eight months, anti-vibration and shock absorption were the primary problems to be solved.

The R&D team combined high-quality shielding materials with a shock-absorbing design to achieve greater shock-absorbing capacity for special trucks. Long-distance road evaluation tests were carried out to ensure smooth operation.