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Beijing E-Town opens diverse financing channels to support businesses

Updated: 2022-07-28

One month after the opening of the "Financing Relief Express Train", 1.07 billion yuan ($158.57million) of financing was issued to 161 enterprises in Beijing E-Town.

Select companies provided 620 million yuan of financing guarantees for 86 enterprises in the district, ranking first in Beijing in terms of the number of enterprises and the amount of guarantees.

Beijing E-Town's publicity of these policies through online platforms and conferences has achieved positive results. 

In addition, the area has also formulated other measures to invest 210 million yuan in funds to support enterprises' high-quality development.

As of the end of June, a total of 250 million yuan has been reduced or exempted from State-owned housing rents, benefiting 863 enterprises, ranking fourth in Beijing in terms of rent reductions and exemptions. And for the 1,262 companies in the area, the deferred payment of social insurance premiums of 454 million yuan is now in effect.

Beijing E-Town also held more than 30 online job fairs, with more than 700 companies participating, providing 6,581 jobs.

In terms of promoting consumption, the area is promoting the issuance of 100 million yuan of consumer coupons in the fields of automobiles, household appliances and electronic products, comprehensive retail, accommodation and catering.