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China Science Fiction Conference is one immersive sci-fi experience

Updated: 2023-06-02

From May 29 to June 4, the 2023 China Science Fiction Conference was held at the Shougang Park in Beijing. 

As a section included in the Zhongguancun Forum for the first time, this year's conference featured 40 events, including thematic forums, science fiction exhibitions,  and a sci-fi carnival. The Metaverse Frontier Technology Experience Center in Hall 10 underwent another upgrade and transformation. What new science fiction experiences awaited visitors?


The holographic restaurant at the conference [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Stepping into the holographic restaurant felt like being immersed in an underwater world. Playing in the Mirage VR Experience Hall was like traversing different virtual spaces repeatedly. At the Metaverse Art Museum, diverse experiences broke the boundaries between virtual and real.

"The feeling of aerial combat is so cool," said a participant who had just finished the Flight Egg Capsule. 

When visitors sat in the simulated cockpit with VR goggles, they entered a virtual world where they piloted fighter jets soaring through the blue sky, with the ability to "shoot" using the joystick. 


Visitors sit in simulated cockpit. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Additionally, people could also experience projects such as the Interstellar Warship that can accommodate six people, six-degrees-of-freedom simulators, and triple-screen racing cars.

In the Hall C, the Digital Game Hall, an immersive entertainment sport, was taking place. 

Within a large space surrounded by three screens, colored lightballs were projected onto the floor. Participants didn't need to wear any equipment; they only needed to raise their arms to complete the automatic system authentication. 

As the "competition" began, the players stood in their respective light zones and followed the bouncing colored lightballs to make corresponding movements. Throughout the process, the system automatically made judgments based on everyone's reactions, ultimately selecting the final winner.

"We have set up 20 binocular stereo cameras and 20 projectors on-site, which can reproduce the visual space. Through our self-developed AI algorithm, we capture and locate the movements of each individual, allowing the system to respond automatically," said Zhao Jue, director of the Solution Department at DeepGlint. 

As a company focused on AI visual technology research and application, DeepGlint transformed their accumulated technological experience in the industrial field into the consumer field. 

During the China Science Fiction Conference, they showcased four games: "Pinball Master," "Cat War - Space Adventure," "Beat Motion," and "Wooden Man." Furthermore, the company, in collaboration with the Shangyicheng Group, also demonstrated the commercial application scenarios of the Metaverse to the audience through this gaming experience.

In Hall D of Hall 10, the Immersive Safety Emergency Experience Hall featured the "Storm and Snow Cabin." 


Visitors participate in immersive entertainment sport. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Visitors put on disposable raincoats for an immersive experience, bending over and waiting for the storm to end. During the experience, the cabin combined VR with a storm and snow motion platform to present various climate disasters from multiple angles. 

The presenter supplemented knowledge on safety protection and self-rescue techniques based on environmental changes, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in and learn how to correctly escape and seek refuge.

"Since the opening of the China International Fair for Trade in Services, we have been developing the Metaverse's frontier technology exhibition and experience center in Hall 10, providing rich application scenarios for new technologies, products, and IPs, to promote key technological and business model innovations for the Metaverse," said a representative from the Shangyicheng Group.


Visitors immerse themselves in simulated storm. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]