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Updated: 2021-01-21

Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, BDA for short, is also called Beijing E-Town. It is the only national-level economic-technological development area in Beijing, and an important window for reform and opening of the capital city. 

In April 1992, construction of BDA officially began.

In August 1994, BDA was recognized by the State Council as a national-level economic-technological development area.

In August 2002, upon the approval of the State Council, the area of BDA was expanded by 24 square kilometers to 46.8 square kilometers in total.

In January 2010, Beijing Municipal Committee and People's Government authorized BDA to develop and manage 12 square kilometers of land for industry-related use in Daxing District, which increased the area administered by BDA to 59.6 square kilometers.

In January 2019, pursuant to the strategic layout of Beijing Municipal Committee and People'sovernment, BDA undertook the construction project of E-Town New City, a newly developed area of 225 square kilometers.

In September 2020, in accordance with the approval of the State Council, 27.83 square kilometers of land in BDA was incorporated into the high-end industrial area of China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

After 28 years of development, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area has fostered multiple thriving clusters of industries, among which next-generation information technology, high-end automotive and new energy vehicles, biotech, health and wellness, robotics and intelligent manufacturing are the four sectors at the edge of innovation.

BDA is home to more than 30,000 corporations from 40 plus countries and regions, who have made investments surpassing $100 billion in total. More than 90 Fortune 500 companies including Mercedes Benz, GE, Bayer have invested in over 130 projects here.