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Enterprises can customize IP services

Updated: 2021-07-06

"Our company has recently needed to conduct pre-examination of intellectual property (IP) patents. Today's training has taught me a new application approach. I believe that some of our research results will soon be able to apply for patents," said Guo Shiqi, staff member of JOINN Laboratories Inc.

To solve problems in business operations, E-Town Enterprise Service Port held an "E-Town Enterprise Open Day" event on June 17, inviting experts from the Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Center to the Intellectual Property Operation Service Hall of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) to explain the patent pre-examination businesses, patent priority examination policy and Beijing Intellectual Property Funding Policy for enterprises in the port, and to provide one-to-one answers to problems encountered by enterprises in the application process.

"E-Town Enterprise Open Day" is one of the operating mechanisms of E-Town Enterprise Service Port. 

Through the brand the service port aims to take the lead in building a targeted and highly professional interactive communication platform for parks in Beijing E-Town. By introducing professional resources and assisting the park to organize high-quality activities the port hopes to optimize the business environment and boost commercial development.

The IP policy briefing session co-sponsored by BDA's Science and Technology Innovation Bureau comes from one of the difficulties that the E-Town Enterprise Service Port discovered in its daily exchanges with companies. 

This April 25, the BDA sub-center of the Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Center was formally established. 

The Intellectual Property Operation Service Hall in the sub-center can provide enterprises with patent searches, IP training and roadshows, patent navigation and formation of IP operation service alliances, and can promote services such as IP pledge financing which provide a base for enterprises to further improve their IP property work.

To better serve enterprises, the Intellectual Property Operation Service Hall implemented appointment and customized services at the end of this May. 

All business entities and residents in Beijing E-Town can customize services on IP rights here. 

Since the appointment service was launched a month ago, the Intellectual Property Operation Service Hall has provided five personalized services. 

One of them is the business training brought by China Life Insurance. 

Meanwhile, during the science and technology week, the service hall also provides robot exhibitions and display services for enterprises in the BDA, to create a connection and exchange platform for more small and medium enterprises.

In the future, various departments of the BDA will continue to provide refined services, promote resource integration, continuously improve regional development capabilities, promote the refinement of regional governance, and help the BDA develop at a higher level.