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BDA issues the first comprehensive permit in Beijing

Updated: 2021-07-08

The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) issued the first comprehensive permit in Beijing on June 28. The "one certificate for one industry" reform is one of the important ways in which the BDA is optimizing the business environment. 

Wang Shaofeng, secretary of BDA's Working Committee went through the application process together with an enterprise.

"For business needs, we want to open a bookstore and also apply for a business license address change," said Chen Jun, legal representative of Shangyicheng (Beijing) Smart Media Co., Ltd., who came to BDA’s Government Affairs Service Center on June 28 and submitted application materials at the "one certificate for one industry" window.

Wang Shaofeng followed the corporate staff in order to experience the whole process. After completing the submission of the materials, Wang went to the company's business premises together with the assessing officer to conduct on-site food permit inspections from the perspective of the approving personnel.

After the site survey and application materials were all completed, the examination and approval department passed the joint license and sent the business license and the comprehensive license to the company.

"One certificate for one industry" means that an enterprise selects one or more administrative licenses required for its operation, and the examination and approval departments issue a comprehensive license with selected administrative license information to the company. 

In recent years, the "one certificate for one industry" reform has been conducted in Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong and other places, but this is the first time that it's been implemented in Beijing. 

Currently, the BDA has selected 10 industry scenarios, including medical device distributors, pharmacies, supermarkets (convenience stores), catering stores, bookstores, outpatient departments, road freight companies and private kindergartens, to carry out pilot projects.

Since then, the BDA has opened a "one certificate for one industry" window in its Government Affairs Service Center, and enterprises can apply for it online (banshi.beijing.gov.cn) and on-site.

The relevant person in charge of BDA’s Administrative Approval Bureau uses the example of the opening of a bookstore. A person used to have to apply for a publication retail license, set up a companies' archive filing for publication, and get a public health license and food business license. 

But if the person applies for a comprehensive permit, he or she can change from at least four processes to one process at most. The number of application forms is also reduced from four to one, the application materials required are reduced from 39 to 21, and the processing time is reduced from 25.5 working days to five working days.