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'Home' for enterprises in Huilongsen Science Park

Updated: 2021-07-13

To optimize the business environment, strengthen exchanges between companies in the park, and build a communication bridge between the government, labor unions and businesses, the Huilongsen Science and Technology Park recently launched its "corporate home".

More than 40 representatives from enterprises in the park participated in the event.

The establishment of the "corporate home" is another service measure adopted by Huilongsen Park following its initiative of building professional technical service platforms covering biomedicine, new materials, medical devices, intelligent software and small tests for Chinese medicine.

The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) will support the development of the "corporate home", making it a warm home for entrepreneurs in the park to communicate, share, and help each other, said a relevant person in charge of the BDA.

In the "corporate home", enterprises in Huilongsen Park can enjoy conference services including a large lecture hall that can accommodate over 400 people, a gymnasium, badminton courts, table tennis facilities, an audio-visual room, an indoor golf driving range and other sports facilities.

Catering services for business banquets and business negotiation needs, IT technology consulting, information system maintenance, application software development and other IT services - as well as reading bars, dance studios, e-sports rooms, a baby care room and other services - are also available here.