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Eye-catching BDA-customized shared bikes on the road

Updated: 2021-07-13

An eye-catching shared bicycle has appeared on the streets of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA). 

With the "Bejing E-Town" logo printed on it, the bike's color combines deep blue and bright green, giving it a vivid appearance. 


"Hello Travel" and "Beijing E-Town" are printed on the shared bicycle. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

"We have launched the first batch of 100 customized Hello bicycles in the BDA. By mid-August, 20,000 customized bikes will be put into use. They are exactly the same as Hello bicycles in terms of usage and price," said a relevant staff at the BDA.

He added that to solve the "last mile" travel problems of BDA citizens, the BDA took the lead in introducing the first batch of regional customized bicycles into the area.

The color of this batch of customized bicycles is consistent with the blue and green colors of the BDA logo, and "Hello Travel" and "Beijing E-Town" are printed on the body to make the bikes easily identifiable to citizens in the area. 

The introduction of custom paint jobs is set to make it easier for citizens to use shared bicycles. Meanwhile, these customized bikes are easy to identify from their bodies, which helps urban vehicle management and differentiation.

In addition to piloting customized bicycles, the BDA has also set up standardized parking areas on the main roads of Ronghua East Street and Rongjing East Street to avoid the disorderly parking of the vehicles. 

Currently, Hello bicycles have 14 regulated parking areas in the BDA, and 500 bluetooth spikes have been put into operation. Bicycle users can park in the parking areas according to the signs, but they can’t lock these bikes outside them.