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Beijing E-Town Medical Cooperation Innovation Platform launched

Updated: 2021-07-30

The 2021 Beijing E-Town Medical Cooperation and Innovation Summit Forum opened in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) on July 17.

To gather the elements of biomedical innovation, the Beijing Medical Doctors Association, the Beijing E-Town Cooperative Development Foundation, and the BDA Technological Innovation Enterprise Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement to jointly establish the Beijing E-Town Medical Cooperation Innovation Platform.


The signing ceremony of the Beijing E-Town Medical Cooperation Innovation Platform was held on July 17. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

The establishment of the non-profit platform aims at promoting the transformation of Beijing's clinical medical research results in the BDA. 

The three parties will rely on the forum's resources to promote the connection of hospitals, doctors and enterprises, as well as the market, to gather together high-end resources for the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements in clinical medicine at home and abroad.

In the future, the platform plans to channel resources from hospitals, doctors and medical consultations, domestic and foreign expert resources, corporate resources, and clinical, to build a "Beijing E-Town Clinical Medicine Achievement Transformation Center" database, and provide medical-enterprise connections, technological exchanges, investment and financing connections and policy consulting services.