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Talent, production form virtuous circle

Updated: 2021-10-15

The International Talent Apartment of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) is now welcoming new talents to work in the area. 

Focusing on the 10 key elements of talent innovation and entrepreneurship of “reward, support, training, service, housing, medical care, education, settlement, travel, and honor”, the BDA, based on the four leading industries and emerging industries, has gradually established a virtuous circle of promoting production with talents and integrating production with talents.

Jack from the United States is currently working for a company in the BDA. 

He is part of the second group of residents to move into the International Talent Apartment. 

"The overall environment here is very humane. Very meticulous arrangements have been made from decoration design to home furnishings. I believe that living here will be very happy and comfortable, and this will be my other home."

The BDA has always attached great importance to talent work and takes the implementation of the "Talent Housing Project" as one of its key breakthroughs. 

By accelerating the construction of talent apartments, the BDA provides white-collar apartments, blue-collar apartments, international talent apartments and other housing to meet different needs.

"I have lived in the BDA for many years. Now, our family has moved into public rental housing and my children go to school here. I'm satisfied with my current life," said Guo Yue, an employee of a BDA enterprise.