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BDA's six new municipal Science and Technology R&D Institutions

Updated: 2021-11-01

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology and the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee officially announced a new list of recognized Beijing Science and Technology Research and Development Institutions on Oct 26.

Thirteen companies were selected, including six enterprises from the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA), which account for nearly one half of the total.

Science and Technology Research and Development Institutions refer to companies engaged in research, development and experiments in the natural sciences and related field , or those engaged in technological development, product development, process development and related technical services within the institutions .

The six recognized BDA companies are Beijing ALLIFE Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Millennium Vision Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing K2 Oncology Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and TUS Cloud Control Technology Co., Ltd., ChinaHighway (Beijing) Engineering Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and DenoGen (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.