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Kylin talent thank BDA for all-around services

Updated: 2021-11-11


Yao Yibo participates in a job hunting program. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

"I brought my team to the BDA, attracted by the industrial policy here. Having been working here for many years, the comfortable living environment really facilitates our work," said Yao Yibo, general manager of Beijing Aoyipower Technology Co., Ltd. He was awarded the title of "Kylin talent" this year. 

Aoyipower is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent monitoring of new energy power stations and has become the first listed company in the industry.

At the end of September, Yao moved into the International Talent Apartment, checked in with a bag and enjoyed the "butler-style" service of the apartment. 

This is one of the guarantees provided by the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) for high-level talents in terms of housing.

Compared with before, Yao now spends less than 10 minutes commuting. He walks to his company every day. 

With his intelligent home system, Yao can turn off the lights and adjust the temperature at home through his mobile phone. 

On the first floor of the apartment, there is a public space for reading, talking, short meetings and office work. The diversified space functions provide social possibilities for the Kylin talents living here. 

After work, Yao likes jogging on the community track, while his children prefer the amusement facilities in the community

After being named as a Kylin talent, Yao not only received a total of 1 million yuan ($156,200) in personal incentive funds, but also the company he founded enjoyed housing lease subsidies and loan interest subsidies.

Up to now, the Kylin talent team has grown to 694. The total number of talents in the BDA exceeds 299,000 and the talent contribution rate exceeds the city's average level by 59.32 percent. 

The BDA is now home to 38 academicians, 76 participants in the National High-level Overseas Talents Program, and 142 participants in the Beijing Overseas High-Level Talents Program.