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BDA cultivates new mode of cultural consumption

Updated: 2021-12-13

"I just placed an order for cultural and creative products and Chinese New Year gifts recommended by the anchor, and was then attracted by herbal tea, bone china and soy sauce wine again!"

"The online technology and cultural consumption festival feels great. Not only can you happily purchase, but also can move instantly to several internet-famous cultural venues to check in on the same day." 

These are just a few of the comments given by residents in Beijing E-Town.

On Dec 5, an all-day live broadcast event featuring a collision of culture and technology, travel and consumption was held on the "Beijing Time" app, Beijing E-Town All-Media Platform and other platforms, which have nearly one million users.

The event "Essence of the E-Town Culture, Digital Intelligence" was organized by the Department of Publicity and Culture of the BDA Working Committee to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people in Beijing E-Town. 

The Science and Technology Cultural Consumption Festival falls into two parts: "E-Town· Afternoon Tea" and "E-Town·Consumption Style". 

The former allows the audience to immerse themselves in the cultural scene without leaving their homes through “cloud travel”, while the latter enables viewers to select and buy exquisite goods through mobile terminals, and enjoy the satisfaction and happiness of technological consumption.