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New cafeteria for elderly opens in BDA

Updated: 2021-12-15

The trial opening of a new cafeteria for the elderly at the Yicheng Home Center on Dec 3 now gives residents of Hexi District in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area more options for their daily meals. 

This is the second cafeteria for the elderly to open in the area.

The cafeteria is located near Boxing Sixth Road, with a total area of nearly 200 square meters, which can accommodate nearly 100 people at the same time.

New cafeteria for elderly opens in BDA.png

Residents select meals in the cafeteria. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

The cafeteria for the elderly offers 12 set meals in the morning, midday and evening, all of which are formulated by a dietitian to ensure that they are healthy and low in sodium, sugar, and oil. 

The price of each set menu ranges from 10 yuan ($1.57) to 20 yuan. The meal content ranges from fritters, soy milk, wontons, and steamed buns for breakfast, to scallion dragon fish for lunch and dinner, as well as scrambled eggs with tomatoes and stir-fried cauliflower.

There are 40 varieties, all of which are cooked with fresh ingredients, and free pickles and hot soup are provided at all times.

Taking into account the health needs of the elderly, the center is equipped with disinfectant, as well as blood pressure meters and blood glucose analysis devices. Elderly residents can have their blood pressure and glucose checked at no cost.