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BDA serves as bridge to solve corporate R&D problems

Updated: 2021-12-27

A special symposium was held at the Intellectual Property Operation Service Hall of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) recently. 

The BDA organized the cooperation between technological innovation enterprises, universities and research institutes. 

The enterprises introduced their needs, technical foundations and cooperation intentions. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Construction and Beijing University of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering answered questions and encouraged the industry-university-research cooperation to accelerate the transformation and landing of scientific and technological achievements in the BDA.

"The cost of trial-and-error research is very high for enterprises. We hope to seek cooperation possibilities from the experts in the research of materials and processes", said Zhao Yongxian, general manager of Termway (Beijing) Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 

Over the years, Tamri has been committed to the technical development and production of cutting-edge automatic vision placement machines, industrial control robots, and high-speed and high-precision motion control modules. 

Several independently developed devices have realized the domestic substitution of imported equipment. With the continuous expansion of market demand, companies urgently need the assistance of basic scientific research in materials and processes in equipment manufacturing.

Zhou Li'an, deputy dean of the Institute of Science and Technology Development at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, noted, "Enterprises are not suitable for basic research, and the advantage of universities is to carry out trial-and-error basic research. Meanwhile, the lack of product transformation capabilities of school laboratories can also be verified through the iterative needs of enterprises."

Experts at the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Beijing University of Technology recommended professional scientific research teams in related fields for Termway.


Representatives from universities and enterprises gather together to talk about industry-university-research cooperation [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

Yin Maolin, general manager of Beijing Autotech Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, proposed that the company focuses on optical communication electronics, semiconductor device R&D and manufacturing industries, and is developing a fully automatic intelligent unattended chip packaging production line. 

Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other colleges and universities have given reasonable suggestions and expressed their intentions to cooperate.