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'E-Town Innovation' escorts self-driving bus standards release

Updated: 2022-01-19

Autonomous bus group standards, led by Baidu and drafted by a number of universities, scientific research institutions and industry companies, were recently released. They are the industry's first series of standards for autonomous buses.

The group standard Part 1: Technical Requirements for Vehicle Operation aims to escort the operation of L4-class buses, and realize safety and efficiency upgrades for passenger-carrying services of autonomous buses. 

Part 2: Test Methods and Requirements for Autonomous Driving Ability puts forward clear test requirements and methods for the automated driving ability of self-driving buses, and realizes comprehensive verification of vehicle driving automation ability through a complete combination of site and road tests.

Since the Baidu Apollo project settled in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA), it has been tested and verified on open autonomous driving test roads in the area.

After the Beijing high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone started construction in the zone, Baidu Apollo also participated in the vehicle-road collaborative test road. 

In Baidu's current Robobus demonstration application, after boarding at a fixed station, passengers can see the surrounding road conditions and vehicle driving behavior in real time through high-definition screens and voice broadcasts, and immerse themselves in a safe and comfortable environment brought by autonomous driving. 

Through the screen outside the vehicle, Baidu's self-driving bus can interact with other vehicles at any time and share driving information in real time, contributing to traffic safety.