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BDA sets off boom of ice and snow sports among students

Updated: 2022-01-28


The figure skating team of Beijing E-Town Experimental Primary School trains in an ice rink. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

The Winter Olympics Entering Campus activity in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) recently drew to a close.

The event included 10 primary and secondary schools, with 7,500 students participating.

During the activity, students got to play ice and snow sports, as well as learn about the equipment used in these sports, and participate in a Q&A session. 

The sports they played included ice hockey and land curling, allowing the students to experience the sports without having to go to a professional venue. They learned about the equipment used in speed skating, figure skating, and ice hockey. Professional retired athletes were on hand to teach them about these sports, as well as answer their questions.

The BDA also gave out customized commemorative badges to participating students.