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15-member team completes construction of 8K ultra-high-definition screens

Updated: 2022-02-18

To complete the "5G+8K" ultra-high-definition demonstration application task of the Winter Olympics during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, a team of 15 people traveled all over the BDA to inspect 20 points after repeated argumentation, coordination and selection of 70 points, then started construction on the 8K large screen.


A correspondent reports in front of an 8K screen. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

The team is from Shangyicheng (Beijing) Technology and Culture Group Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA).

To realize 8K ultra-high-definition live broadcasting during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the large-screen construction team immediately promoted the selection of large-screen sites.

The team members remembered that they had to run at least 600 kilometers every day to learn the actual load-bearing, power supply, and signal conditions of the site, and combined with factors such as pre-construction and post-operation, comprehensively judge whether it was suitable to install a large screen. 

From early to late winter, everyone on the team was on the frontlines. 

With the solution of basic problems at various points, the pouring of concrete support columns and the construction of steel structure, the large screens were transported to various points one after another. 

The 8K outdoor large screen can bring the ultimate visual enjoyment to viewers, but the assembly of the large screen, with a height of 11 meters and width of 20 meters, means full endurance and physical strength. 

A complete 8K large screen contains at least 510 boxes. Each box is hoisted with the aid of a crane. The calibration of the position must be done manually. 

The construction of the screens was completed on schedule. During the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Shangyicheng's team also ran between various points every day without interruption to ensure that every screen could broadcast the event smoothly.