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Ice hockey team of Beijing E-Town Academy appears on CCTV

Updated: 2022-02-28

The ice hockey team of Beijing E-Town Academy is on CCTV! It's the eighth issue of "Ice and Snow Dream Troupe" broadcast on CCTV Children's Channel on Feb 20.


Students from the E-Town Academy perform in a CCTV program. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

In the eighth issue of "Ice and Snow Dream Troupe" on Feb 20, the "Hongyi Ice Hockey Team" from Beijing E-Town Academy was invited. 

Team members presented a wonderful performance, showing the speed and power of ice hockey, and bringing the spirit of ice sports to the audience.

Since the establishment of the school, Beijing E-Town Academy has already built an 800-square-meter artificial ice hockey rink with students wearing ice hockey uniforms when they practise. 

Since then, the team of ice sports teachers has gradually expanded, and ice hockey and roller skating student teams have been established. In 2020, the simulated ice hockey rink was refurbished with a roller skating rink, becoming the first roller skating rink in Beijing's primary and secondary schools. .

Students in school have participated in Daxing district, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area, the Beijing Winter Games and other sports events, and won many awards.