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Apply for special awards for 2021 corporate R&D investment in BDA

Updated: 2022-03-09

The 2021 Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA)'s special award application period for the growth of R&D investment in enterprises officially began on March 2 and will end on March 14.

The BDA will give eligible enterprises a 20-percent financial incentive for the excess part of their R&D expenditures (the company's self-raised funds) from January to November 2021 above the year-on-year increase of more than 20 percent. More information can be found below.

Application time

From 10:00 on March 2, 2022 to 24:00 on March 14, 2022, applicants can enter the policy redemption comprehensive service platform through the policy redemption module on the official website of the BDA, or use the 360 browser’s “speed mode” to log in to the website (zcdx .kfqgw.beijng.gov.cn), register and apply.

Application conditions

(1) The enterprise should have the status of an independent legal person and be able to implement independent accounting;

(2) The enterprise should legally register, pay taxes and enter the system in the BDA;

(3) The enterprise's actual production, operation and research and development activities must be in the development zone;

(4) The firm should focus on key industries in the BDA, such as new generation information technology, high-end automobiles and new energy smart automobiles, biotechnology and massive health, robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries;

(5) The company must have been listed as a large and medium-sized key enterprise in 2021, as well as a municipal-level and national-level outstanding enterprise approved by the BDA. Meanwhile, its R&D expenditures (self-raised funds) from January to November 2021 should have increased over 20 percent year-on-year, and account for no less than 3 percent of the company's revenues in 2020 and 2021;

(6) The firm must actively cooperate with the BDA in the prevention and control of COVID-19, and perform terms of agreement signed when entering the area;

(7) The enterprise cannot have bad records in finance, industry and commerce, taxation, banking, customs or other areas from 2019, 2020, and 2021;

(8) The company must not be in prohibited and restricted categories in Beijing.

Reward content and standards

In addition to the company's year-on-year increase in R&D investment (self-raised funds) from January to November 2021, for the part above 20 percent, a 20 percent capital reward will be given.

The total amount of subsidies for R&D expenses received by a single enterprise throughout the year shall not exceed 3 million yuan ($474,900). The minimum subsidy amount of each enterprise is 100,000 yuan (inclusive), and no subsidy is given below 100,000 yuan; the subsidy amount is 10,000 yuan, and the part less than 10,000 yuan is rounded off.

Contact information

The Policy Declaration window of the Administrative Service Office of the BDA Government Affairs Service Center

Tel: 010-67857687; 010-67857878 ext. 4; 010-67857668

Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 1:30-5:00