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Enjoy extremely simplified administrative approval in BDA

Updated: 2022-03-17

The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) recently adopted a work mode for future reference called "online application, anytime inspection, information sharing, and full traces".

The area is exploring and promoting the transformation of administrative examination and approval to an extremely simplified model, further streamlining administration, delegating powers, and releasing market vitality.

Meanwhile, the BDA has researched and formulated the procedures for handling matters for reference and developed an information support platform. 

Relying on the "internet + government service" platform with blockchain and big data technologies, cloud storage of application materials, full traces of the application process, and interconnection of audit, management and enforcement can be realized.

The BDA will no longer approve items included in the pilot and shift the focus of work from front-end approval to in-process and post-event supervision. It also relies on information technology to achieve non-perceptual access and effective supervision of enterprises.

In terms of non-perceptual declarations, applicants can obtain business qualifications after completing the registration by themselves, and realize the non-perceptual examination and approval reform of enterprise registration.