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COVID-19 self-test kits from BDA

Updated: 2022-03-24

Five COVID-19 antigen self-test kits have been approved for public use. One of them was developed by Beijing Savant Biotechnology, an enterprise in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA).


Antigen self-test kits developed by Beijing Savant Biotechnology [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

According to Beijing Savant Biotechnology, the company's newly approved "2019-nCoV antigen detection kit (fluorescence immunochromatography)" adopts innovative dry fluorescent microsphere labeling technology, as well as signal acquisition and processing technology, which greatly improves the sensitivity and specificity of antigen detection, and can achieve fast and convenient detection in 15 minutes. 

In accordance with the approval standards for Class III medical devices of the National Medical Products Administration, Beijing Savant Biotechnology has completed clinical trials in three clinical institutions in China, with a total of 510 enrolled cases and excellent clinical performance.