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New products and technologies spring up in BDA

Updated: 2022-03-25

A list of the 16th group of new technologies and products (services) in Beijing was recently announced. The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area added 84 new municipal-level products and 50 new technologies.

New technologies selected this time include a blast-furnace hot blast stove desulfurization system, which was independently developed by Environment Sustainable System Engineering Technology Co. 

This technology uses M® series desulfurization and denitrification agents to carry out flue gas desulfurization and denitrification and the coordinated treatment of VOCs, mercury and fluorine and other pollutants. It integrates desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal. 

Its removal efficiency is over 95 percent. The used absorbent can also be recycled for building material production.

To give full play to the role of enterprises as the main body of innovation, there is not only the promotion of market demand, but also all-around support and incentives in the BDA. 

Better Logistics has selected two new products in the field of next-generation information technology. Among them, the Wisdom intelligent logistics operation platform is one of the results of the centralized contracted investment of 129 projects in the "Two Zones" construction of the BDA.

Two of Keyibangen's hip joint prostheses – an acetabular prosthesis and intervertebral cage - are also on the list. 

"Achieving integrated development under the cluster ecology of the two major industries of biomedicine and massive health, robotics and intelligent manufacturing, our company selected a site to build a factory under the coordination of the BDA, and solved practical problems through the 'Entrepreneur Breakfast Meeting'," said Guo Qian, founder of Keyibangen.

The self-driving street cleaner Wu Xiaobai by Idriverplus also made it into the list.


The unmanned street cleaner Wu Xiaobai [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]