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Four BDA firms selected for CAST list

Updated: 2022-04-11

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) recently announced its 2021 "Science and Technology China" list. Four enterprises in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) were selected, namely Land Space Technology, Deno Gen Biotech, CYGNUS Biotechnology and Neolix Technology.

"Science and Technology China" is a service brand that integrates science, technology and economics created by CAST. 

It is committed to promoting cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as building a technical service and trading platform that integrates resources and connects supply and demand. 

The list of cutting-edge enterprises is mainly aimed at technology enterprises in pilot cities or parks of "Science and Technology Innovation China" that are supported by technological innovation, have entered their growth stage, and have high market recognition and great potential. 

Last June, the BDA was officially selected as a "Science and Technology Innovation China" pilot area of the CAST, becoming the second "Technology Innovation China" pilot area ushered in by Beijing.

The BDA has received 158 registration applications, 117 online organizations have settled in, 276 scientific and technological achievements have been made, 352 experts have been settled in, and 65 innovation needs have been filled.

The companies that were selected this time have also become a microcosm of the development of the BDA’s cutting-edge industries. 

Focusing on the commercial aerospace field, Land Space Technology is currently the only private enterprise in China and the third in the world that has mastered all the key technologies, as well as the research, development and support capabilities, for 100-ton liquid rocket engines and medium and large liquid oxygen methane rockets.

Deno Gen Biotech and CYGNUS Biotechnology have become industry leaders in the research and development of diagnostic reagents and automated testing equipment, and the independent innovation of high-throughput gene sequencing platforms.

Neolix Technology has taken the lead in the autonomous driving, launching the L4-level unmanned delivery vehicle project.