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Two million square meters of water replenished in Nanhaizi Park

Updated: 2022-04-28

Beijing's Nanhaizi Park is the largest wetland park in Beijing. Since the end of farming and irrigation earlier this month, the park has started a new round of water replenishment. 

This round of water replenishment will continue until the beginning of May, with a total of 2 million cubic meters of water.

Every winter, due to various reasons such as weather, the water level in Nanhaizi Park will drop. 

To provide sufficient water area and food for migratory birds in the lake and maintain the biodiversity of the park, the park will replenish water in the lake every spring, and provide a better ecological environment for wildlife to visit and settle down.

Nanhaizi Park is a microcosm of biodiversity conservation in Beijing E-Town. 

In recent years, while maintaining the ecological environment, the park has also focused on the construction of functional areas such as wetlands, elk protection, and ecological priority, and has been included in the list of important wetlands in Beijing.

As the eighth year that swans have come to Nanhaizi Park, the number of swans has reached more than 400 this year, and the number of swans in a single day has reached 147. Nanhaizi Park has become a veritable swan lake in Beijing.


Nanhaizi Elk Garden [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]


Birds play on the lake. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]