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Swan geese line up to settle down in Nanhaizi Park

Updated: 2022-05-23


Two adult swan geese swimming with a group of swan goslings. [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

Swan geese appeared in groups in Nanhaizi Park again recently.

These lovely creatures create a pleasing picture: the sparkling lake, reeds swaying in the wind, and fluffy swan goslings. Two adult swan geese are searching for food with their heads held high and their kids - still with their yellow, black and gray down - in tow.

"There have always been swan geese in Nanhaizi Park. They build nests on the small island opposite the first pier of the park's second phase, as well as building nests in the Elk Garden." said a photography enthusiast.

As the ecological protection of Nanhaizi Park continues to strengthen, it has provided a good habitat and food resources for the reproduction of many birds, so the number and species of various birds have increased year by year. Among them, swan geese, a wildlife under state second class protection grouped by families, have settled here for many years.

The first and second phases of the park are currently open. Except for the west gate, all other gates are open. 

Visitors entering the park now need to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, and must provide the itinerary code and health kit, which should be prepared in advance.