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A new benchmark in education

Updated: 2022-06-08


A glance at Beijing E-Town Academy [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

Winners of the 2022 Middle School Mathematical Olympiad (Preliminary) Beijing Invitational Competition were recently announced recently. 

Thirteen winners of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA) are all from Beijing E-Town Academy.

Beijing E-Town Academy is a branch of Beijing National Day School established in the BDA. 

The school integrates junior high school and high school departments. It started planning and construction in 2013 and officially enrolled students in 2016. 

According to the school's education consultant Chang Sheng since the establishment of the school its students have won many awards in various competitions such as aerobics, dance, fencing, basketball, football, robotics, and ice hockey, as well as in innovative display competitions such as costume design, and car and architectural models. 

The students have won more than 360 awards and commendations at the district level or above, especially in the five major disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information.

"The school currently has 1,710 students, and each student has a different class schedule," said Zhao Yufei, dean of the curriculum and teaching department.

The school adopts an education model of elective courses and classes in line with international standards, and implements a credit system and multi-diagnosis evaluation mechanism that meet the individual learning needs of students.


A glance at Beijing E-Town Academy [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

It offers a total of 215 subject courses, 34 comprehensive practice courses, 39 vocational inspection courses, 75 community courses, 13 study tour courses, five high-end project research courses, and more than 60 self-management positions for students, forming a hierarchical, classified and comprehensive curriculum system.

Physical education courses include basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, taekwondo, frisbee, martial arts, aerobics, ice hockey, rock climbing, and fencing. Students can choose according to their own interests.