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Beijing E-Town's exploration of industrial internet

Updated: 2022-06-23

BOE's industrial internet platform has lit up a world-class "beacon factory". JD's industrial internet platform has been selected as the "cross-industry and cross-field" platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Hollysys's intelligent manufacturing digital workshop has accelerated to complete increasing orders.

When a new generation of information and communication technology integrates with the manufacturing industry, the industrial internet industry in Beijing E-Town will become a cornerstone for its digital economy development.

How did Beijing E-Town's industrial internet public service platform attract BOE? 

If a production-oriented enterprise conducts independent research and development, it is expensive and doesn't offer technical specialization. However, if there is a public platform that can provide customized services, the company will be able to achieve rapid transformation and upgrading at a higher cost performance. 

In Beijing E-Town, this idea was tried in the development of the industrial internet industry, and the Beijing E-Town Industrial internet Public Service Platform was thus launched to build a regional service platform and realize the interconnection between various industrial chains and supply chains.

"This platform can be imagined as a shared supermarket, with service options such as technology, products, finance, and policy fulfillment. Industrial enterprises that join can not only supply products, but also can purchase required services," Zhang Zhidong, general manager of Beijing E-Town Big Data Technology Development, an operator of the platform, remarked. 

The China Industrial internet Research Institute once stated that the construction of the industrial internet public service platform in Bejing E-Town is an innovative attempt. Compared with the average industrial internet platform, this platform is cross-industry, and serves as a link among enterprises, government, and third-party service agencies. 

Meanwhile, the platform has been connected to a number of industrial internet platforms, gathering leading companies such as BOE, BAIC Blue Valley, and Goldwind.