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Receiving meticulous, efficient service and guidance in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2022-06-28

"Because there are trees to be felled in the land, I thought it would take a long time to complete the examination and approval, but the staff members work overtime and instruct us to quickly complete the tree felling and resubmit the materials. After completing the material review within an hour, the project construction permit was issued on the same day."

Mr. Jin, the head of the development of the commercial housing project on the A2-2 plot of Jiugong, agreed with the new construction permit.

The Jiugong A2-2 plot project is the first (group STOP USING BATCH) of commercial residential projects for centralized land in Beijing this year. 


A rendering of the commercial housing project on the Jiugong A2-2 plot [Photo/kfqgw.beijing.gov.cn]

During the site survey in the form of video connection, the staff members of the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau found that the project site was not yet ready for construction, and helped the project manager to solve this problem and obtain the project construction permit. 

The whole process uses telephone, WeChat voice messsages and video connections, which makes epidemic prevention and control more efficient.