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Beijing E-Town's financing express speeds up

Updated: 2022-07-04

Beijing E-Town launched a project to enhance financial support for E-Town-based enterprises this May. 

A number of companies in Beijing E-Town have received financing of 1.07 billion yuan ($160 million) in just one month.

Since the launch of the project, the Bureau of Commerce and Finance of Beijing E-Town has solicited the needs of enterprises through various methods such as media publicity, visits and investigations. So far, 381 companies have received support.

After learning about the actual needs of enterprises, the Bureau of Commerce and Finance took immediate action to match the financial needs of enterprises with 25 banking institutions and guarantee companies in the area.

According to statistics, so far, Beijing E-Town has issued 1.07 billion yuan in financing, ranking second in Beijing.

The number of guarantee accounts in the area reached 86 and the guarantee balance amounted to 620 million yuan, ranking first in Beijing.