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Beijing E-Town builds cutting-edge industrial fleet to boost high-quality development

Updated: 2022-10-10

From 2012 to 2021, the total industrial output value of Beijing E-Town has increased from more than 200 billion yuan ($28 billion) to nearly 600 billion yuan, and its volume now ranks first in the city. 

Behind the rapid growth of its output value, the contribution rate of high-tech industries to the total industrial output value also exceeds 90 percent.

In July, Beijing E-Town officially opened China's first commercial pilot of unmanned travel services, carried out normalized services, and allowed safety supervisors to move from the main driver to the co-driver.

Currently, more than 300 autonomous driving vehicles are on the roads of Beijing E-Town each day, including self-driving taxis, buses, retail cars, delivery vehicles and sanitation vehicles. 

Over the past ten years, Beijing E-Town has been committed to building four hundred-billion industrial clusters, including high-end automobiles, the industrial Internet, biomedicine, and new-generation information technology.

In 2021, the GDP of Beijing E-Town exceeded 260 billion yuan, and the realization value of high-tech enterprises accounted for 96.7 percent of the total industrial output value of the area

The contribution rate of the four leading industries to the total industrial output value reached 97.7 percent.

Beijing E-Town has attracted more than 90 Fortune 500 companies to invest in more than 140 projects. It has become a gravitational field where global high-end resource elements converge.

If the development of industrial clusters is "hard power", then institutional innovation is "soft power".

Beijing E-Town is the first in Beijing to implement reforms such as "one seal for approval and one team for law enforcement", "one integrated license" and a "Notification and Commitment System".

Through the reform, innovation and optimization of the business environment, Beijing E-Town has broken through the blockages and pain of independent innovation.

On its new journey, Beijing E-Town will spare no efforts in cultivating a fleet of cutting-edge enterprises, becoming a pioneer in high-quality development, and writing a new chapter in southeast Beijing.