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Beijing E-Town launches 2022 online recruitment month for overseas talents

Updated: 2022-11-02

To meet the overseas talent recruitment needs of enterprises in Beijing E-Town, and attract a group of outstanding graduates to develop in the area, the Social Affairs Bureau of Beijing E-Town has launched a month-long online recruitment event for overseas talents from Oct 30 to Nov 30, 2022.

The Social Affairs Bureau has brought together leading enterprises in over ten industries and more than 100 high-quality jobs, and nearly 10,000 overseas talents from a thousand well-known colleges and universities in the GUCCU (Global University China Career Union). What are you waiting for?

Participating companies:

Electronic Technology Industry: BOE Technology Group, Beijing ESWIN Technology Group Co, Dongfang Jingyuan Electron Limited

Automobile manufacturing industry: Beijing Benz, i-Tage Zhixing, Mando Corporation, Betterlife Automobile

Biopharmaceutical Industry: SciClone Pharmaceutical, JOINN Biologics New Medicine Research Center, SinoCellTech

Equipment Manufacturing Industry: Sword Electric, Beijing Zhuangyu Metal Co

Medical equipment industry: Beijing Genome Precision Technology Co, SinoVision Technology (Beijing) Co

Information Security Industry: BII Group

New Energy Industry: Beijing EPC Environmental Protection Consultants Co

Participating Institutions of the GUCCU:

Imperial College London, University of Chicago, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Liverpool, University of Illinois, Michigan State University, University of Southern California, University of Edinburgh, and the University of Birmingham.

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