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First inter-provincial, municipal job fair of Beijing E-Town in 2023

Updated: 2023-02-01

Beijing E-Town issued measures to help enterprises stabilize employment before Spring Festival. 

According to these measures, efforts will be made to subsidize enterprises, solve their difficulties, and help Beijing E-Town get off to a good start in the first quarter. 

The Beijing Economic Development Zone Social Affairs Bureau was informed that it needed to further implement the relevant measures of the "Measures", better meet the human resource needs of enterprises, and solve the employment needs of enterprises after Spring Festival. The Social Affairs Bureau will go to Dezhou, Shandong, on January 31, and cooperate with the local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to carry out offline recruitment activities.

To better meet the human resources demands of enterprises, the Beijing E-Town Social Affairs Bureau went to Dezhou city of Shandong province on Jan 31, and cooperated with the local human resources and social security bureau to conduct offline recruitment activities.

This offline job fair is the first inter-provincial and municipal job fair held by Beijing E-Town in 2023.

Ten enterprises in Beijing E-Town, including Youcare Pharmaceutical Group, C&C Joint Printing Co, and Beijing North Huachuang Microelectronics Equipment Co, offered over 1,000 positions, such as production technicians, production craftsmen, quality inspectors, digital printers, computer input, mail sorting, maintenance engineers, assembly process engineers, foreign trade salesmen, and foreign trade manager assistants. 

Meanwhile, it will also provide new impetus for the production and operation of enterprises in Beijing E-Town.