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Three things to achieve for Beijing E-Town in 2023

Updated: 2023-02-07

In an interview with China Media Group, Yang Xiuling, secretary of the Working Committee of Beijing E-Town, mentioned that Beijing will make efforts in three areas in the New Year: continue to expand investment, support high-tech industries, and to create an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Investment expanded to over 100 billion yuan ($14.76 billion)

In 2023, investment in Beijing E-Town will surpass 100 billion yuan, of which over 50 percent are industrial investment projects, with the remainder covering infrastructure in Beijing E-Town and public service projects.

Industrial investment provides the stamina for the development of hi-tech industries in the future. The production line of BOE's 6th-generation new semiconductor display device will start construction immediately after March. Beijing Benz will also roll out many new models this year, and a new electric driving platform will also be launched in Beijing.

"In terms of infrastructure and public services, we want to increase investment in sewage treatment plants, roads, schools, and hospitals this year, and further optimize the supply structure through investment." Yang said.

Support high-tech industries and build a modern industrial system

Beijing E-Town will further expand opening up and promote the integration of its manufacturing and service industries. 

"We need to combine high-end service industries, including high-end financial services, business services, and some life services, so that modern service industries and high-end manufacturing are well integrated, creating a destination that attracts young people." Yang stressed.

Create better ecology for innovation and entrepreneurship

This year, Beijing E-Town will also further deepen its collaboration with the three cities and establish a more in-depth coordination mechanism.

"Meanwhile, we need to further improve our science and technology innovation policy. In the past, our policy was very friendly to large enterprises. In the future, we will also be friendlier to small and medium-sized and innovative enterprises. We will formulate different policies for enterprises at difference stages and of different industries, so that anyone who starts a business in Beijing E-Town can take advantage of relevant policies.”Yang added.