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CIB high-end industry area branch opens

Updated: 2023-03-23

The recent construction of the "Two Zones" in Beijing E-Town has added a new force in the financial field. 

The high-end industry area of Beijing Free Trade Zone branch of the China Industrial Bank opened in Beijing E-Town.

What new support will the establishment of the CIB high-end industry area branch provide for the construction of Beijing E-Town? 

The branch will focus on the development needs of the four leading industries in Beijing E-Town, and accelerate the transformation of science and technology. 

It will also deepen the service system of "commercial banks, investment banks and private banks", boost the development of park enterprises, and provide full-chain services to park developers, operators and enterprises, with a combination of multiple products such as industrial plant development loans, park loans, fixed asset loans, CIB universal loans, investment-linked loans, and CIB flash loans. 

This newly opened CIB branch will improve the service capabilities and levels of international businesses, serve the "Two Zones" construction, and contribute to promoting high-level opening up in Beijing E-Town.