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Beijing E-Town releases key district-level projects for 2023

Updated: 2023-03-30

Beijing E-Town has released its key district-level projects for 2023, which include 140 projects with a total investment of around 480 billion yuan ($69.81 billion).

In 2023, Beijing E-Town will continue to focus on its four dominant industries and prioritize major science and technology innovation and cutting-edge industry projects. 

Among the newly released list, 57 projects are related to the four dominant industries, accounting for over 40 percent of the total.

For instance, in the field of biotechnology and health, Beijing E-Town plans to invest 3.9 billion yuan this year, focusing on two aspects: building service platforms and industrial bases to create a high-quality ecological environment for enterprise development. It will accelerate the commercialization of pharmaceutical and health industries, and build a highland of innovative biopharmaceutical industries. 

A total of 14 projects are set up, including the Kawin Technology Antibody Production Base Project, Hengrui Headquarters Project, Pharmaron Chemical Formulation Development and Production CDMO Platform Project. Seven are newly launched and an additional seven are continuing projects.

The investment in the equipment purchase and renovation project for the R&D and industrialization base of the Shouyao Holdings reaches 218 million yuan. 

Some equipment has been purchased, and the base has research and development centers, pilot workshops, quality control centers, and other facilities which can meet the production capacity needs of Shouyao Holdings. Its independently developed innovative drugs have an annual output value of up to hundreds of millions of yuan.

The total investment in the Kawn Technology Antibody Production Base Construction Project is 576 million yuan, with a construction area of 10,795.06 square meters above ground. It has obtained a construction permit and is expected to start construction in April. 

"After the project is completed, it will have the ability to produce clinical samples and commercialized production of antibody drugs, and provide industrialized conditions that meet GMP requirements for the company's research and development of antibody projects such as KW-027," said the head of Kawin Technology.

In view of the list of key projects, emerging industries are also one of the key directions for Beijing E-Town's efforts this year. 

The list includes eight projects related to the digital economy industry, with an expected total investment of 4.1 billion yuan. Among them, the "Wireless Network Coverage Project of the Phase 3.0 Construction of Beijing High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone" financed and constructed by Beijing Smart City Network Co not only appears on the district-level list but is also listed on the recently announced "Three 100" key project plan of Beijing. 

The project has a total investment of 583 million yuan and will select 100 square kilometers area within the 225 square kilometers of Beijing E-Town to conduct EUHT network construction, including 1 big data center, 62 real-time centers, 596 locations, 1279 EUHT highway base station units, and 51 synchronous timing units.

To ensure the smooth advancement of key projects, Beijing E-Town has established four industry teams for integrated circuits, biotechnology and health, new generation information technology, and automobiles and intelligent manufacturing, to serve enterprises in projects, investment and financing, and supporting facilities of infrastructure.

The list also includes 17 major infrastructure and livelihood improvement projects within the Beijing E-Town, covering Fenghe Jiahui, Taihu 0032 plot and Core Area X47, with an expected investment of 28.7 billion yuan.