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Boao Forum for Asia to come to Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-04-14

The International Health Industry Forum of Boao Forum for Asia is happening in Beijing E-Town from April 20 to 21.


Poster of the forum [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

As a special activity under the framework of the Global Health Forum (GHF), the event is hosted by the Boao Forum for Asia and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and organized by the GHF Organizing Committee and the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee.

With the theme of "Global Health: Industrial Development and Sharing", the forum focuses on international exchange and cooperation in the field of life and health industry, promotes the development and industrialization of cutting-edge medical and health technologies, and aims to make Beijing E-Town a world-class biopharmaceutical and health industry hub.

The forum will feature more than 20 important events, including eight parallel forums, six industrial report releases, and two closed-door dialogues. 

Topics will include "Towards the Last Mile of Global Polio Eradication", "Cell and Gene Therapy and Industrial Development", "Smart Healthcare", "Innovation and Development of Traditional Medicine", "Addressing the Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance", and "Global Development of Medical Diagnostic Products and China's Role." 

Eight sub-forums will discuss trends and regulatory rules in the medical diagnosis industry, trends and entry modes of precision surgery, norms and management of antibiotic use in primary healthcare institutions, and key points in pharmaceutical review of CGT products and other health-related policies.

Among them, the Health Industry Forum is an international forum jointly created by the GHF and Beijing E-Town, and it is the first international health gathering brand in Beijing. 

It will integrate and utilize Beijing's unique elements, such as talents, universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and research facilities, to help Beijing E-Town expand its technological innovation and international cooperation in the field of biopharmaceuticals and health.

Industrial white papers and development reports in collaboration with authoritative consulting firms, such as Sullivan and Rock Health, will be issued at the forum. 

Meanwhile, industrial standards such as equipment configuration standards for rational use of antibacterial agents in grassroots medical institutions will also be released during the forum.

By building a resource integration platform for government, business, academia, research, and investment, the forum invites political leaders, government officials, representatives of international organizations and institutions, experts and scholars, and investors from various countries to participate. 

It will fully leverage the expertise of the GHF Expert Committee, gather leading figures in R&D fields such as artificial intelligence, biopharmaceuticals, and synthetic biology from China and abroad, and invite core representatives of global health priority projects to join the discussions.