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Applications now open for Beijing SME service system quality improvement project

Updated: 2023-05-12

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology has recently issued a notice to collect quality improvement project proposals for SME service systems in various districts and Beijing E-Town, and provide funding support.

Who are the target participants? The SME service system quality improvement project refers to some completed and upgraded projects conducted by municipal demonstration platforms or demonstration bases.

These projects are carried out around the theme of industrial supporting capabilities and digital empowerment, with a focus on improving the service capabilities and levels for SMEs in areas such as industrial design, digital empowerment, customized services, supply chain management, inspection, testing, and certification. 

In terms of support standards, a certain percentage of funding subsidies will be given based on the project investment amount. 

Among them, the subsidy amount for site and infrastructure parts should not exceed 10 percent of the corresponding investment amount, and the subsidy amount for service equipment and information transformation parts should not exceed 30 percent of the corresponding investment amount. 

The maximum support amount for a single project is 5 million yuan ($719,880). For municipal-level platforms and bases that have received service performance rewards in 2022, the difference will be made up according to the principle of higher support amount. Projects that have already received financial support from the municipal government will not receive duplicate funding. 

Districts and Beijing E-Town are encouraged to provide matching funds for relevant projects based on their actual conditions.

The application period for this project is from May 1 to May 31, 2023. Applications will be submitted through district-level recommendations and enterprise applications.