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Beijing E-Town invites global entrepreneurs at Zhongguancun Forum

Updated: 2023-05-30

"Beijing E-Town will adopt a more open attitude and create a better business environment, warmly welcoming global entrepreneurs and investors to invest and start businesses in this land that carries dreams." 

On May 27, at the main venue of the National Science and Technology Program Achievement Roadshow Action - Zhongguancun Special Roadshow Activity, the head of the Beijing E-Town Science and Technology Innovation Bureau issued an invitation to global entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world to innovate, start businesses, and share development opportunities in the area.

In recent years, Beijing E-Town has gathered more than 80,000 companies from over 40 countries and regions worldwide, with a total investment exceeding $100 billion. Ninety-seven Fortune 500 companies have invested in more than 130 projects here.

In 2022, the regional GDP exceeded 280 billion yuan ($39.47 billion), and the total industrial output value reached 537.1 billion yuan. The quality and scale of development have always been at the forefront of national-level economic development zones. 

Beijing E-Town has been striving to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and strengthening the leading industries. It has gradually formed four major industries represented by next-generation information technology, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, biotechnology and health, robotics and intelligent manufacturing. With only 0.35 percent of Beijing's land, it contributes nearly 30 percent of the city's industrial added value.

As the main platform of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Beijing E-Town undertakes the industrialization of research and development achievements. 

In the past three years, it has undertaken more than 400 industrialization projects, and created an innovation platform for the entire chain of "research - achievement transformation - industrialization." During the period, enterprises in the Beijing E-Town have conducted more than 700 cooperation projects with universities and research institutions.

Being the first in the city to realize "one seal for administrative approval, one team for law enforcement," Beijing E-Town has become the region with the highest concentration of administrative licensing power in the country. 

The area also strives to create an international business environment, which takes the lead in mechanism reform, continues to explore innovative measures to benefit the people and assist enterprises, and has become a fertile soil for talents and ambitious individuals to invest and start businesses.