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13 Beijing E-Town companies selected for international innovation competition

Updated: 2023-06-01

On May 28, the final round and award ceremony of the 6th Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition were held at the Zhongguancun Forum. 

The top 10 lists in 12 tracks, including Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICV), Biomedicine, and Carbon Neutrality, were announced. And Beijing E-Town has a total of 11 companies on the list. 

Furthermore, among the seven companies awarded the Excellent Prize in the competition, two of them are from Beijing E-Town.

Companies from Beijing E-Town showcased their strengths in various fields and made it to multiple top 10 lists. 


An autonomous driving delivery vehicles developed by Neolix [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Among them, Sophon Technology was selected in the Integrated Circuit field top 10, BroadenBio made it to the Biomedicine field top 10, Lvchuan (Beijing) Technology was chosen in the new energy field top 10, and Changmugu Medical and Beijing Polyseq Biotech were listed in the Medical Equipment field top 10. 

Particularly impressive is the presence of five companies from Beijing E-Town on the top 10 list in the Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICV) field. These companies are Hongjing Drive, Neolix, Idriverplus, QCraft, and Senior.auto. 

They demonstrated the advantages of Beijing E-Town's ICV industry cluster through diverse technological routes and product solutions.

Meanwhile, Changmugu Medical and Botsing Technology also received the Excellent Prize in the 6th Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition. 

"Winning an award in this competition is a recognition and encouragement for us," said a representative from Changmugu Medical. 

In recent years, Changmugu Medical has focused on the independent development of artificial intelligence in the orthopedics field. They currently hold over 300 domestic and international patents and software copyrights, providing a complete solution for digitized orthopedic surgery, including AI-assisted diagnosis, personalized surgical planning, surgical robots, and postoperative evaluation for orthopedic hospitals. 

Feng Xiaobing, chairman of Botsing Technology, stated that winning an award in such an internationally recognized platform represents the strong competitiveness of the company's products in terms of high standards, internationalization, and practicality. 

Based on the research of Academician Pan Jiluan, Botsing Technology has incubated a rail-free fully positionable crawling welding robot, solving the international challenge of automated welding for large-scale structural components in multiple fields. The welding accuracy can reach ±0.2 millimeters, and the efficiency of automated welding robots is three to five times higher than traditional solutions. 

"Our growth is inseparable from the support of the policies and business environment of Beijing E-Town. In the future, Botsing Technology will further focus on the fields of oil and gas chemical industry and shipbuilding, expand the depth and breadth of applications for rail-free fully positionable crawling welding robots, and strive to make Botsing Technology a benchmark enterprise for 'Robots+' applications." Feng added.