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Another company listed on Beijing Stock Exchange

Updated: 2023-06-07

On May 31, the bell of the Beijing Stock Exchange rang as Beijing Sunho Pharmaceutical made its debut on the stock market. 

Zheng Haitao, deputy director of the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee, attended the bell-ringing ceremony and delivered a speech.


Beijing Sunho Pharmaceutical rings the bell for its listing. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Sunho Pharmaceutical is the 49th listed company in Beijing E-Town and has been nurtured as a technology-oriented enterprise for 23 years. It has now become a pioneer in the new format of 'technology + platform + product.'

Established in 2000, Sunho Pharmaceutical is an innovative company engaged in the research and industrialization of high-end medicine formulations. 

The company initially started with pharmaceutical research and development outsourcing services (CMC/CMO) and gradually expanded to the development and industrialization of its own medicines. 

It currently has more than ten production lines. With core technologies in controlled-release formulations, intelligent manufacturing of injectables, and freeze-drying technology for disintegrating oral tablets, the company has become a pharmaceutical formulation platform integrating the industrialization of its own medicines and CMC/CMO services.

Prior to the exercise of the oversubscription option, Sunho Pharmaceutical raised a total of 376 million yuan ($52.86 million) in funding, which will be used in areas such as the innovation medicine industrialization sharing platform, international medicine formulation production line construction, medicine innovation incubation platform construction, and the development of new products in disintegrating oral formulations.

Yin Lan, chairman of Sunho Pharmaceutical, stated that the company's achievements today would not have been possible without the strong support of the local government, especially during the listing process. From the application submission to the acceptance by the Beijing Stock Exchange, they have enjoyed the attentive service provided by Beijing E-Town.

With the listing of Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology on Mar 15 to the listing of Sunho Pharmaceutical on May 31, there have been two Beijing companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange this year, both from Beijing E-Town. 

As of now, Beijing E-Town has a total of 49 listed companies, with over 200 companies in the pipeline. Beijing E-Town has always attached great importance to the listing of companies. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the Beijing Stock Exchange, the three major securities exchanges, have set up service bases in the area to provide strong support for the E-Town's company listings. 

In terms of policies, there have been continuous upgrades to the listing incentive policies, with a total of over 200 million yuan in listing incentive funds already disbursed.