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Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 to open in July

Updated: 2023-06-08

The Global Digital Economy Conference 2023, themed "Data Driven Development, Intelligence Leading the Future," is to be held in early July at the Beijing National Convention Center. 


Poster advertising the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Building upon the success of the previous two conferences, this year's event aims to enhance China's digital economic strength, establish a world-leading digital economic development framework and showcase new achievements in the construction of benchmark cities for the global digital economy.

The event will feature an opening ceremony, a main forum, six summit forums, six special activities and multiple thematic forums, as well as a series of activities, with a focus on creating a "1+6+6+N" activity framework, according to the spokesperson of the conference organizing committee.  

During the opening ceremony, the conference will unveil its official IP image and initiate the "Digital Night" city pulse lighting ceremony.

The six summit forums will focus on artificial intelligence, open-source technology, digital security, Internet 3.0, data elements, and the digital bridge across the Himalayas. 

Leading figures, experts, scholars, and institutional leaders from the political, industrial, academic, research, and application sectors from home and abroad will come together to explore and exchange new rules of international governance.

International cities will also be invited to join the cooperation initiative on global digital twin cities with Beijing and participate in the release the white paper on global digital economy.

Attendees will be able to enjoy six special activities — Digital Economy Experience Week, Boutique Theme Exhibition, "Digital Night" city pulse lighting ceremony and Global Digital Economy Conference events, as well as the first China Digital Music Concert, and the release of new technologies, products and scenarios.

As an important platform for international cooperation in the digital economy, the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 will strengthen exchanges with advanced cities in the global digital economy, foster global digital innovation cooperation, organize a series of activities at overseas sub-venues. Singapore has been invited as this year's  guest country of honor.

The sub-venues will host periodic thematic forums, roundtable dialogues, themed salons, industry matchmaking, and academic seminars to strengthen international exchanges, investment, and cooperation in the field of the digital economy.