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Beijing E-Town facilitates international trade

Updated: 2023-07-14

The blueprint for deepening reform and innovation and creating an integrated demonstration zone for the business environment in Beijing E-Town was released recently.


An aerial view of Beijing E-Town [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

It summarizes the experience of the area in internationalization, while exploring new models, focusing on trade, finance, talent, and internationalization enhancement. It proposes 15 measures to create a smooth and convenient international trade environment.

In terms of trade services, Beijing E-Town relies on trade promotion agencies and overseas investment promotion offices to establish an alliance of import and export enterprise services, and promote intelligent approval of sanitary inspection for special imported and exported items.

The Beijing E-Town Customs automatic approval system is now available and has implemented the online issuance mode for projects that meet the conditions. 

"Currently, 85 percent of our company's export orders have enjoyed the intelligent approval policy of Beijing Customs, and the approval time has been optimized from 2 to 3 working days for traditional manual approval to 'instant approval,' with an overall export speed increase of more than 40 percent," said a representative of Sino Biological.

Speaking of financial support, Beijing E-Town strives to resolve difficulties encountered by foreign trade enterprises. 

It supports short-term export credit insurance for foreign trade enterprises, helps banking institutions in establishing "SME exchange rate risk hedging centers," and encourages banks to open unified foreign currency bank settlement accounts for foreign-related enterprises. 

"Managing funds in multiple currencies through a single account has greatly improved the efficiency of corporate fund management. It saves time and effort. It's so convenient!" Ms. Zhang, a legal representative of a foreign trade enterprise in Beijing E-Town stated.

Furthermore, Beijing E-Town also strives to improve the living environment for talents, providing international medical security, optimizing multilingual convenient services, etc.

The main structure of the Phase I project of the international talent community in Beijing E-Town was completed on June 30. The project adopts a design combining high-rise buildings, townhouses and stacked houses and plans to construct 15 buildings with two underground floors and 4-13 above-ground floors of rental apartments, as well as supporting spaces such as a shared center and central green space.

In addition, Beijing E-Town will also make efforts to improve its international image. 

It will create an accessible international linguistic environment by adding bilingual or multilingual signs, intelligent wayfinding systems, optimizing foreign language websites, creating English versions of public accounts, and introducing international exhibition brands.