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Highlights of World Robot Conference

Updated: 2023-08-16

The 2023 World Robot Conference is held from Aug 16 to 22 at the ETrong International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing E-Town. It will be organized exclusively with the 2023 World Robot Expo.

The expo covers an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, an increase of 5,000 square meters from last year. 

Over 140 domestic and international robot companies showcase nearly 600 exhibits, with 40 companies making their debut.

In the 'Robot+' Manufacturing Sector of this expo, the KUKA KR FORTEC-2 ultra series, capable of precise and rapid handling of heavy and large-sized components with high rotational inertia, will debut in China. 

ABB's YuMi robot will also showcase a new energy battery box robot intelligent production line that enables real-time production visualization and robot health diagnostics with preventive maintenance.


In the 'Robot+' Agricultural Sector, the National Agricultural Informatization Engineering Technology Research Center will demonstrate the AutoPicker multi-arm apple picking robot designed for compact orchards. 


The 'Robot+' Medical and Health Sector will focus on robots that provide robust support for medical tasks. 

The Ion bronchoscope robot developed by IntuitiveFosun can smoothly navigate through the lung's outermost branches even at extreme angles, while Shanghai MicroPort's R-ONE® vascular intervention surgical robot assists doctors in performing percutaneous coronary interventions under radiation isolation. Beijing Surgerii Technology's single-port endoscopic surgery robot, the first of its kind in China, will also be featured.


Highlights in the 'Robot+' Elderly Care Sector include the Realman health massage robot, capable of replicating master-level human massage techniques. The MetaCat intelligent biomimetic robotic pet cat brings a sense of companionship to the elderly and the partially disabled.


In the 'Robot+' Commercial Community Services Sector, the Robint R-Mini commercial cleaning robot integrates dust collection, floor washing, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping functions, while the Dreame wireless pool cleaning robot can be operated with a single key press.


In the 'Robot+' Safety Emergency and Extreme Environment Applications Sector, Guoxing Intelligent will showcase an intelligent drainage robot for handling urban flooding and bridge waterlogging scenarios, and a firefighting and smoke exhaust robot capable of entering hazardous sites, such as flammable, explosive, toxic, and oxygen-depleted areas, to carry out fire suppression operations.


Nearly 20 international companies will participate in this expo, featuring advanced global robotics technologies such as the ABB GoFa 10 collaborative robot, the FESTO biomimetic swallowtail, the Hyundai Robot HS220 spot welding robot, and the SMC compressed air management system.


Moreover, this year, over 50 new products, including a soft robotic arm with novel flexible materials, the Siasun coal mine underground wheel inspection robot, the Dafang Intelligent DF033 residential wall treatment robot, and the Bonmed Technology TITA robot, will be debuted at this expo, marking the highest number in the event's history.