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Enjoy strolling, eating while visiting WRC

Updated: 2023-08-21

The World Robot Conference (WRC) has opened, with over 140 domestic and international companies showcasing nearly 600 exhibits. Forty companies are participating for the first time.

Taking the Yizhuang subway line to see robots, visitors will pass by two major commercial areas - the BHG Mall and the Dazu Plaza Shopping Center. 

Within these areas, there are various dining establishments where you can taste delicious cuisine from different regions. Whether it's traditional Beijing roasted duck or western dishes, they cater to a variety of tastes. 

During your shopping breaks, you can sit down and enjoy a meal to relax your body and mind. Furthermore, these commercial areas offer a range of entertainment facilities, including cinemas, KTVs, and game centers, providing suitable venues for leisure and entertainment.

Here are some recommendations for dining:

Yizhuang Line - Yizhuangqiao Station

PART 1 - Jiangxian Yaju Restaurant


Since you're a guest in this bustling world, why not take your time to savor its colors and flavors? 

Jiangxian Yaju serves new-style Jiangnan cuisine from south of the Yangtze River, offering a variety of dishes to meet varying customers' needs.


Address: 1st Floor, Building 3, Fuyuanli Community, Xihuan North Road (About 300 meters' walk from Yizhuangqiao Station, Exit A1)

PART 2 - Bianyifang Roast Duck (Guiyuanli Branch)


Bianyifang Roast Duck is a famous Chinese heritage brand. Its oven-roasted duck, one of the two major styles of Beijing roast duck, is known for its crispy skin and tender meat. The roasting process ensures a clean surface without impurities, earning it the nickname "Green Roast Duck."


Address: 25 Guiguan Street, Guiyuan Community Commercial Street (About a 7-minute bike ride from Yizhuangqiao Station, Exit B1)

Yizhuang Line - Wanyuanjie Station

Haidilao Hot Pot


Haidilao Hot Pot instantly delights your taste buds with its fresh ingredients and unique seasonings. Whether it's succulent beef slices or a combination of tender seafood, each bite is unforgettable. In a comfortable setting, you can enjoy a lively hotpot meal with friends and family, embarking on a culinary feast.


Address: Beside Meijim International Children's Education Center, 3rd Floor, Lihua Plaza, Lihong Road (About 600 meters' walk from Wanyuanjie Station, Exit A1 North)

Yizhuang Line - Rongjingdongjie Station

PART 1 – Houdao Sanxiongdi Hot Pot


Houdao Sanxiongdi Hot Pot offers authentic Beijing-style hotpot. With a copper pot and charcoal stove, you can adjust the seasonings to your liking. It's a genuine taste of old Beijing's hotpot tradition.



Address: B104-2, Rongcheng Wealth Center, Ronghua Middle Road (About 500 meters' walk from Rongjingdongjie Station, Exit A1 North)

PART 2 - Sajiao Sichuan Cuisine


Sajiao Sichuan Cuisine combines spicy, fresh, and aromatic flavors in a unique way. Their signature dish, Sajiao Pickled Vegetable Fish, uses fresh and saltwater fish, creating a flavorful and textured experience with every bite.


Address: Shops 11/12, 3rd Floor, Dazhu Plaza Shopping Center, Courtyard 2, Ronghua South Road (About 100 meters' walk from Rongjingdongjie Station, Exit B1 South)


Yizhuang Line - Rongchangdongjie Station

Italia Italian Restaurant


Italia Italian Restaurant offers classic dishes from various regions of Italy, with an atmosphere that captures the essence of the country. The dining environment is comfortable and pleasant, and the service team is professional.


Address: 1st Floor, Taihao Intelligent Building, Yuncheng Street (About 700 meters' walk from Rongchangdongjie Station, Exit A1 North)