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Another Beijing first in E-Town

Updated: 2023-08-30

The Beijing representative office of the French intellectual property agency LLR --the first foreign patent agency in the city -- was recently established in Beijing E-Town.

Founded in 2000, LLR (China) Intellectual Property Co is headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in various European locations. 

It provides intellectual property services to numerous international clients in France and Europe, as well as global intellectual property management services to large French corporations. 

Upon learning of the regulations for establishing permanent representative offices of foreign patent agencies in China issued by the National Intellectual Property Administration, LLR's French partners promptly decided to establish a representative office in China to facilitate business cooperation. 

Beijing E-Town was chosen as the preferred location for LLR's presence in the Chinese market.

Enjoying comprehensive government policy support and well-rounded corporate services, Beijing E-Town has attracted many excellent domestic and international technology companies. 

"LLR's choice to settle in Beijing E-Town is based on the hope of leveraging the favorable industrial ecosystem here. We aim to fully utilize our strengths in international intellectual property services, establish a base in the area, and cultivate markets in Beijing, China, and the Asia-Pacific region, providing more efficient intellectual property services to Chinese and French enterprises," said the head of LLR.

Throughout the establishment of LLR's representative office in Beijing, E-Town has provided significant support, offering a streamlined process and expeditious assistance. 

Moving forward, LLR's Beijing representative office will focus on collaborating with Chinese law firms and enterprises in training and consulting on intellectual property protection strategies for Chinese companies in France and Europe, patent applications, French and EU trademark and design applications, intellectual property litigation, arbitration, due diligence, and contract negotiation and drafting, as well as connecting with French and European enterprises for intellectual property protection in China.