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Beijing E-Town approval service faster with innovation, reforms

Updated: 2023-09-15

Beijing E-Town is systematically promoting institutional innovation around the development of cutting-edge industries across the entire chain, cycle and process, according to the Two Zones office in Beijing E-Town.

To date, the area has generated 36 innovative cases, including 14 cases that have been replicated and promoted nationwide.

"Many of the 36 innovative cases are pioneering reform and innovation measures in Beijing E-Town," said an official from the Two Zones office in Beijing.

The city-level key project -- "BOE's 6th Generation New Semiconductor Display Device Production Line Project" -- obtained project approval and a construction readiness letter on the same day as land acquisition; Beijing Yesemi and Fortune Precision obtained project approval, planning permits, and construction permits in just three days, achieving "land acquisition leads to immediate construction." 

As more and more key projects achieve "land acquisition leads to immediate construction," the approval service in Beijing E-Town has gradually become routine, forming a set of "E-Town experience".

"The routine approval service of 'land acquisition leads to immediate construction' is just a microcosm of our efforts to advance pioneering reform," said an official from the "Two Zones" office.

Beijing E-Town released new policies for business environment reform this June, listing 29 pioneering reform measures, many of which have already been successfully implemented.

Beijing E-Town has released an innovative case titled "National Audiovisual Industry Park Supports the Development of a New Model for the Capital's Entire Audiovisual Industry Chain." 

This milestone follows the formal approval by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television at the end of 2021, designating the China (Beijing) High-Tech Audiovisual Industry Park as the first national-level audiovisual industry park covering the entire industry chain.


Ultra High-Definition Television Technology Research and Application Laboratory [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

"Since the establishment of the Two Zones, we have accumulated more than 70 institutional innovation cases, with 14 reform and innovation practice cases replicated and promoted nationwide and citywide," said an official from Two Zones.