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Beijing E-Town 1000P AI Computing Center to operate next year

Updated: 2023-10-20

The under-construction 1000P Public Artificial Intelligence Computing Center (1P is approximately equal to 1 quadrillion calculations per second) is scheduled to come online and start operation at the beginning of the upcoming year. 

The next phase of the plan is to develop a 2000P commercial AI computing center to provide essential support for cutting-edge technological innovations.

As the main hub for Beijing's high-tech industries, Beijing E-Town is consolidating resources from State-owned enterprises, aiming to accelerate the development of a benchmark city for the global digital economy. 

In collaboration with China Unicom, Beijing E-Town is exploring new opportunities to bolster the digital economy's primary path. 

A representative from China Unicom mentioned that they have already established six subsidiary companies within Beijing E-Town.

They are also establishing a digital technology park and will concentrate their resources in Beijing E-Town, facilitating emerging businesses like intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving. 

In terms of digitization of industries, to leverage the construction of a high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone in Beijing, Beijing E-Town pioneered a new type of digital infrastructure that includes intelligent lamp poles with multi-functions and holographic sensing intersections. 

This infrastructure will feature a fully covered intelligent connected road network spanning 160 square kilometers and will serve as a city-level native data sensing base with real-time dynamic data on vehicles, roads, and the environment. 

This year, Beijing E-Town is introducing the first integrated construction project in China, encompassing "computing resources + operational services + scenario applications." 

The computing resource scheduling service platform has successfully completed key technical verification and practical application verification in areas such as large-scale models, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific computing. 

The under-construction 1000P Public Artificial Intelligence Computing Center is scheduled to go online and be operational at the beginning of the next year, with the next step being the construction of a 2000P commercial AI computing center to provide fundamental support for cutting-edge technological innovation.

Simultaneously, the Beijing International Data Laboratory, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), the China Capability Center, Open Parallel Space, Grand Credit Management, and other enterprises are also establishing a presence in Beijing E-Town.

This further refining of the entire data industry chain covers aspects like top-level data design, data openness, data circulation, data operation, and data security.