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Updated: 2023-11-17

The Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (Beijing E-Town) has established a new service center at No. 4 Wanyuan Street to facilitate enterprises and residents. 


A view of the new service center [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Several government agencies, including the original service center, the first tax office, the social insurance center, the real estate registration center, and the third tax office, have relocated to the new service center, making it the main entrance for business and public services in Beijing E-Town.

The new service center, located at No. 4 Wanyuan Street, covers a total area of 22,457 square meters. The ground floor includes an international talent service area, a construction and development service area, a policy application service area, a 24-hour self-service area, and a welcoming center. 

The second floor houses the admission and operation service area, the social affairs service area, the construction and engineering service area, and the remote interaction center. The third floor is dedicated to the first tax office, while the fourth floor is used for real estate registration and the third tax office. The fifth floor is the healthcare and social security service area.

The original location of the service center, known as the "Xiaobai Building," was initially built in 1994 as a training center for the development area. 

Since then, it has played an important role in the development and reform of Beijing E-Town. 

The new service center retains the architectural style and appearance of the original building and upholds the spirit of openness and innovation. 

This represents Beijing E-Town's commitment to continuous improvement and the creation of a benchmark for a business-friendly environment.